Baan Pordeedin guesthouse

Baan Pordeedin is a social enterprise project initiated and run by The Mirror Foundation - a grassroots Thai NGO, based in Chiang Rai province, northern Thailand. The foundation has been active in campaigns related to social issues since 1991, and was registered as a foundation in 2004. Since arriving in Chiang Rai, setting its roots 16km north-north-west of Chiang Rai city, the foundation has focused its efforts on helping those who are stateless, or without citizenship, and all the associated problems that stem from the lack of being officially recognised.

The foundation runs a dozen or so core projects, all aimed at either alleviating hardships in daily life, or pushing for change at policy level. There have been many successes in both objectives, and even the failures have sometimes produced silver linings.

Baan Pordeedin is more than just a place to rest - it is an opportunity to learn more about the issues and the indigenous cultures which abound in this area. All our guests need to do is ask, and we are more than happy to tell our, and their, story.